Joe's Gal Hazel 12oz

Price: $8.19

Joe’s Gal Hazel is the perfect blend of sweet and a little nutty, and Joe wouldn’t have it any other way. The hazelnut flavor is a wonderful compliment to this lightly roasted blend of coffee.

Three Beans

Packaging: 12oz Ground

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Customer Reviews:

bigsally  (Apr 13, 2015)
Rating: 5
just when i think it you couldn't get any better..i fall in love with every new flavor i make it so hard to chose which one to drink..i use to have to use creamers to get that hazelnut flavor not even sweetness is needed its the best ever!!!
ardhackman  (Jul 31, 2014)
Rating: 5
I will never buy another coffee! I have turned my friend on to "Joe's."rnThe delivery time is waiting.rnI LOVE MY HAZELNUT!! :]
piggybabe  (Dec 02, 2011)
Rating: 5
Wow, Joe's gal Hazel is a beauty!! Love the taste!!rnI always get compliments when I serve this to guests.rnHazel can visit my home anytime!!!
joe4sher  (Oct 21, 2011)
Rating: 5
Even my neighbor, Joe, inhales your coffee! We all are crazy for Joe (the coffee too.)