Tall, Dark and Handsome 2lb

Price: $17.99

French Roast or Dark Roast lovers step right up.  For those of you that are adventurists and crave a bit more from your coffee this one is for you.

Three Beans

Perhaps you long for the company of a deeply charming companion, with character and looks to sweep you off your feet.  Perhaps you are that dark and mysterious individual.  Either way, this Joe was created just for you.  Let the aroma take you away as you stare into the dark-roasted perfection before you.  Indulge your senses.

Packaging: 2lb Ground Looking for 12oz? Click here!

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Customer Reviews:

aleisharwildon  (Aug 10, 2017)
Rating: 5
I adore Tall Dark and Handsome Joe but he is now too expensive for my taste (or my budget) so I think we're going to have to break up. It's sad because our relationship has lasted longer than most and we had a good thing while it lasted.
MGA  (May 18, 2017)
Rating: 5
All the coffee drinkers in our office loves this coffee - says "it is an eye opener" :).
Bgryph  (Dec 12, 2016)
Rating: 4
I love your coffee, but your new price for the 2lbs bag is a ridiculous jump from my last order. Probably have to cut ties. SOrry to do it, but we all make choices...
75297  (Sep 17, 2016)
Rating: 4
love the coffee but it doesn't seem like ur listening to you customer base...price is too high
Mainlinea1  (Jun 06, 2016)
Rating: 2
Disappointed in the price hike not the coffee. Great Coffee, too bad about the 50% price hike. We all have to vote with our $$. Another reviewer suggested a loyalty program, or perhaps allow us to purchase in 5 or 10 pound bags to cut packaging costs.